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  • Over the past 10 years our Skyrocket
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    550,500,000 Downloads so far.
  • Our unique App Store Optimization
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  • Dramatically increase your conversations on
    both the App Store and Google Play with our
    advanced split testing methodologies.
  • Achieve the highest number of downloads
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  • Our advanced User Acquisition Campaigns
    provides the best in the industry
    management for Apple Search Ads,
    Google UAC, Facebook, and In-App
  • Use paid app advertising to maximize your
    app downloads across all app stores.
  • Our App Video Production team will
    create high quality videos design to
    Educate, Excite, and Inspire users to
    download your app instantaneously.
  • We’ll implement unique measurable
    strategies to dramatically boost your
    app downloads and your App Store
  • Your videos will be designed to
    encourage users to download your app
    with shareable video content.
  • Work with the best in the industry App
    Growth Specialists to improve your
    Virality, Retention, and Sales.
  • Access hands-on app marketing
    strategies to reach your goals in half
    the time.
  • Get a complete and comprehensive
    growth plan to dramatically increase
    your app downloads, users and sales.
  • Get your app positioned as the market
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    party recognition.
  • Through our strategic relationships,
    we’ll have your app featured on top
    online App Review publications and
    promoted to millions.
  • Turn your app into an instant App
    Celebrity through high profile media
    excitement and recognition.

Work With The Best In the Industry

We Offer Unique Services Found Nowhere Else

Over the past 10 years, PreApps has developed proven programs that can take a first-time app business owner through a unique and seamless process to launch their app successfully and reach their business goals. The same process can also be applied to support an existing app business and scale it to 10’s of Millions of Downloads.

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  • Successful App Launch

    We’ll help you skyrocket your app growth through a unique combination of our proven app marketing strategies.

  • App Promotion To Millions

    Get your app promoted to millions of targeted users and recognized as the #1 app in your app category.

  • Worldwide Recognition

    Get captivating app promo videos designed to educate, excite, and inspire users to share and download your app instantly.

  • Viral Video Marketing

    Produce a high-quality and memorable app demo video to share your app’s uniqueness at an affordable cost.

  • App Store Optimization

    Maximize your app’s exposure and ranking through our advanced app store optimization services.

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Marketing is the biggest challenge. PreApps works with the top most successful apps. I recommend you check them out. They are #1!


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Eric N.

Eric N. CEO

PreApps did an amazing job generating pre-launch hype for our app. Their strategy for increasing app downloads worked beyond what I expected, and our app revenue increased by 52%.

Nate M.

Nate M. COO and Founder

The PreApps team gave our app a fully customized app marketing strategy and got our app store ranking to #1 in our category in no time!

Ben R.

Ben R. Lead Developer

We had a really difficult time pinpointing our app store keywords on our own, but once PreApps’ keyword optimization team got their hands on it, we were able to start ranking on the top of the app store. We wouldn’t know what to do without them.

Sarah O.

Sarah O. Marketing Head

Their team is communicative and professional to work with. Our app sales have benefited greatly from their influencer marketing and viral video campaigns, and downloads have increased over 100% from what it was before working with PreApps.

Quincy P.

Quincy P. CEO

PreApps got us added to major app review publications right away and we immediately saw dramatic growth of our app’s engagement and downloads. 5 stars!

Ryan Q. CEO & Founder

If you’re really looking to get the most out of your app marketing, choose PreApps. Their team got our app featured in the App Store right away, and we were able to almost triple the amount of in-app purchases for one of our apps.

Tina V.

Tina V. App Business Owner

I was overwhelmed by the amount of app marketing agencies on the market, but I’m glad I chose PreApps. Working with them has increased all of our top KPI’s, from impressions to downloads.

Luke G.

Luke G. Marketing Lead

They gave us a step-by-step app marketing process designed for our situation and got it started right away. Now our app is about to hit a million downloads! It was so easy and pleasant to work with their team.

Charlotte M.

Charlotte M. Account Manager

They are dedicated and very creative. With their efforts our app reached an additional 125,000 downloads.

Bowen I.

Bowen I. CEO & Founder

The PreApps team was very effective creating a specific app marketing strategy for my product. Extremely communicative throughout the process, and had the results to prove it. My app achieved over 100k downloads at launch and has been growing since.

Tim B.

Tim B. App Developer

Thanks to PreApps, my app’s download increased way beyond my expectations. Their app marketing strategies really work!

Jason C.

Jason C. CMO

We hired PreApps for promoting our app – they came up with very creative ways to increase our app’s downloads and as a result of their efforts, we managed toincreased downloads by over 73%

Harry L.

Harry L. Lead App Developer

Fast-working team with real expertise in the app marketing industry. You don’t need to think twice, just work with PreApps.

Josh P.

Josh P. App Developer

This team is incredible! They knew exactly the kind of app marketing strategies I needed for my specific niche and implemented it effectively and quickly.

Manish D.

Manish D. Developer

Friendly people, efficient project execution, and great management.

Rebecca C.

Rebecca C. CMO

Their user acquisition campaigns are incredible! PreApps fully optimized my Facebook Ads and added new ad platforms for ads I didn’t even know about like Apple Search Ads! Loved working with them.

Tegan U.

Tegan U. Head of Marketing

Quick and efficient communication, and had really creative solutions for optimizing our app store profiles that really worked! These are the go to guys for ASO.

Ashton B.

Ashton B. COO

Their enthusiasm and industry expertise was beyond what we experienced elsewhere. Working with them has been a delight.

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customers’ apps reach the download goals they’d like to achieve.

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