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You’ve got a great app, but people have to find it before they can enjoy it! Our experienced professionals of app store optimization will handle the creation of your marketing assets tailored for maximum exposure and ranking.

Our app store optimization experts will implement signature technique to optimize your app for each app store’s search algorithms and the requirements for each store.

App Title

The app title is the most important aspect of ranking above the competition. Our specialists will ensure that your title is maximized for optimal visibility.

App Description

The description must highlight the app to create a clear impression of its purpose and functionality. Our signature techniques will produce a compact description that will highlight the app’s uniqueness and appeal.

App Keywords

Choosing the correct keywords requires an understanding of your competitors, your target audience, as well as popular search phrases. Our professionals will employ the best keywords suited to your target audience, based on popularity of searches and competitive rankings.

App Screenshots

Eye-catching screenshots serve to convey the functionality of the app. Our experts will work with you to create innovative screenshots that will set the app apart from others and encourage more downloads.

Complete Report

We work hard so that you don’t have to. Within 7 days we will provide you with a comprehensive report with keyword recommendations and analysis, as well as revised icon, title, screenshots, and description.

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We Get Results

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Acquiring app users takes creative thinking and strategic planning.
If you want to get solid traction that can lead to exponential growth for your app, PreApps can help.
Our clients reach the top charts.

App Store Optimization for iTunes

on iTunes

Hunter Island
Hunter Island

App Store Optimization for Google Play Store

on Google play

Amigo Pancho
Amigo Pancho

App Store Optimization for Windows Apps

on Windows

Offroad racing
Offroad racing

App Store Optimization for iTunes

on iTunes

Office Attack
Office Attacks

App Store Optimization for iTunes

on iTunes

Ention Wars
Ention Wars

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my comprehensive report?

A detailed report will be provided within 7 days.

Does my app need to be launched?

No, the app does not need to be launched in order to take advantage of our service. We can work with the material you provide and download the beta version.

What makes PreApps unique?

We are deeply invested in your success. What makes us unique is our history of success and our partnerships. PreApps is the premier pre-launch mobile app marketing and discovery platform, with over 3,250 apps served and a total of 90 million client downloads.

What is required?

We will require your icon, screenshots, description, keywords, top competitors, and demo video (optional).

Explain your service prices.

Our services require extensive effort, research, and maintenance of personal contacts to function smoothly, for your benefit. We’ve automated as much as we can to bring our costs down, so we can offer the best prices to better serve our clients.

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