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Would you like us to submit your app to over 150 App Reviews Sites and provide guaranteed reviews? Getting your app reviewed is critical to its chance of success, as it provides an organic wave of exposure to millions of targeted users. We will tap into our extensive list of media contacts to guarantee that your app gets attention from the top publications. Each review will be published by independent sources to a spectrum of readers.

We take pride in the relationships we have built with app review editors and media publications. After years of contact maintenance, our strategic relationships with editors are stronger than ever. Preapps app review submission services help in the case where you want to clutch worldwide attention for your app. We will get your app the attention it deserves!



  • 200+ App Review Sites Submitted
  • 8 Guaranteed App Reviews
  • Report Provided in 7 Days

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We work hard so that you don’t have to. One week after your campaign’s completion, our marketing team will provide a full report with contact details, commentary, and secured exposure.

We Get Results

Acquiring app users takes creative thinking and strategic planning.
If you want to get solid traction that can lead to exponential growth for your app, PreApps can help.
Our clients reach the top charts.


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Hunter Island


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Amigo Pancho


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Offroad racing


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Office Attacks


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Ention Wars

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We will individually submit your app to 150+ of the top app reviews sites and guarantee results. We do this through direct emails, forms, and strategic partnerships.

Where Are The Guaranteed Reviews?

We do not specify which sites will review your app in advance. This varies depending on our relationships with the editors, as well as the interest they have in your app.

What makes PreApps unique?

We are deeply invested in your success. What makes us unique is our history of success and our partnerships. PreApps is the premier pre-launch mobile app marketing and discovery platform, with over 3,250 apps served and a total of 90 million client downloads.

How many reviews will I get?

The number of reviews depends on the package you select and the interest the editors have in your app.

When will I see results?

One week after your campaign’s completion, our analytics team will provide a comprehensive report with contact details, commentary, and winning reviews.

Can you explain your service prices?

Our services require extensive effort, research, and maintenance of personal contacts to function smoothly, for your benefit. We have automated as much as we can to bring our costs down, so we can offer the best prices to better serve our clients.

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