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  • Sean Lewis
    United States
    App User
    155,455 Pts.
  • Michael Schumacher
    United States
    App Developer
    148,600 Pts.
  • Jonathan Groff
    United States
    App User
    135,455 Pts.
  • Hannah Simone
    United States
    App User
    124,355 Pts.
  • Katie Fernandez
    United States
    App Developer
    118,250 Pts.
  • William Moseley
    United States
    App User
    112,134 Pts.

"Our vision is to build an ecosystem, which connects mobile app users with mobile app developers to in turn create better quality, more successful apps. By implementing user feedback in the development process, apps have a greater chance of success, and for users a more enjoyable experience." - Sean Casto (Founder & CEO)

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