5 Ways to Show off Your App with a Great iPhone Video

Demo videos are the latest way app developers are promoting their apps. Also called "app trailers," these videos are designed to entice consumers to download your video, just as a movie trailer leaves audiences eager to buy a movie ticket.

When done correctly, a demo video gives customers an overview of the experience of using your app. This video also encourages users to try out your app and review it, which is crucial to getting the word out about your app. Here are a few tips for creating an app demo video that stands out among the competition.

app demo video

Brief is better.

Nobody wants to watch a ten-minute demo of your app. Pack the best features into a short video, wrapping it up as quickly as possible. Ideally, your app demo video should have a running time between thirty seconds and two-and-a-half minutes. Note that if you go for a longer demo, some of your viewers won't stick around until the end so be sure your app's most engaging features are mentioned at the beginning.


Consider your venue.

YouTube is the hosting site of choice for most videos. Not only does it rank well in search results, it can be viewed on many mobile devices. If you choose to go with QuickTime for hosting, sites like Byline, Convertbot, and WhereTo? can help.


Use iMovie.

Apple provides its own handy editing app and it works great for developing app demo videos. If you don't know how to use it, Apple has put together a series of videos to walk you through it. When you're ready to export it, choose either the HD or "Large" option to make sure your video saves at a high resolution. Be sure to choose a 3:2 aspect ratio if you edit a version of your app demo video for viewing on an iPhone's small screen.


Choose the right apps.

Your demo video should have the look of being recorded directly on an iPhone screen. Snapz Pro X records your screen and lets you save it in a variety of file formats. For the purposes of creating a demo video, MPEG files are best. The cost of Snapz Pro X may be a bit much for the beginning app developer, though. After a free trial, Snapz Pro X is $69. For app developers on a budget, try iShowU HD's standard version for only $29.95. SimFinger creates a simulated finger to demonstrate all of your app's exciting features, as well as giving your demo a white background and hiding the name of your carrier and the time.


Don't forget sound.

Once you've cemented your video presentation, consider the audio. Will you use a voiceover or music to set a mood? Since you plan to distribute your video, you'll need to license any songs you use. Services like Jamendo can help with that. If you choose to use a voiceover, be sure to record it at a reasonable level.

The most important thing as you're developing your app demo video is that you have fun. It will show through in your final print and customers will feel compelled to try out your app.