Work Notes Pro
Device: Windows 8 Category: Business Price: Free Released On: Mar. 08, 2013 Previous App: Draw Work Notes for Windows 8

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Work Notes Pro

Device: Windows 8 Released On: Mar. 08, 2013
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This is an all-in-on Windows 8 Store notes & recording app for capturing voice memos, photos, videos and text notes on the go.

This app is optimized for Windows 8 tablets and touch-screen devices and
Makes it easy to capture, save and share your audio recordings, pictures, videos and text notes.

Use this app as your camera, or your video recorder, your microphone or text pad. Helps to keep work stuff or important stuff save and separate from your personal files.

Capture Information
Voice recordings, photos, videos and text notes. The app automatically works with your existing device cameras, microphones, keyboards and sensors.

Save Information
Save voice recordings, photos, videos and text notes to any folder on your device. Or save to your free Skydrive account or any other cloud storage account.

Share Information
Easily share your audio recordings, pictures, videos and text notes with email, contacts, social media, cloud and other apps.

Secure Information
Take advantage of all Windows 8 Store app data security features. Advanced features include ‘Private Note’ capabilities that store notes in an additional password protected folder and removes the note from the device after viewing.

Map Information
View notes on a map. Find your location. Search. Record the location of any photo, video, audio or text note. Get directions. See Traffic, Road, Arial & Bird’s Eye map views.

Manage Information
Find you notes & media files fast. Access your voice recordings, photos, videos and text notes from any Windows 8 device or from your Microsoft Skydrive account on any computer.

Personalize Information
No registration is required to use this app. Personalize by logging in with your Windows Live ID. Roam between Windows 8 devices and keep your latest settings.

Live Tiles
Pin important notes to your start screen. See your latest notes and media on the app’s live tile. Makes your experience easier and more interesting.

Productive Information
Create To-Dos, mark notes in progress & complete. Assign importance levels to your audio, video, photos and text files, and even set a reminder that displays a ‘Toast’ notification on your screen.

Perfect for Windows 8
Unlike other notes and recording apps, Work Notes Pro has been specifically built for your Windows 8 touch-screen device. It is a full featured, secure app that’s easy to use with other Microsoft products. Use this app in horizontal or portrait mode. ‘Snap’ the app for side by side with any other app.

Free to Use
There is no cost to use this app. Registrations is NOT required. There is no advertising. This app even integrates with your free Microsoft Skydrive account.

Your Feedback is Requested
This is a free feature rich, consumer version of our enterprise app. We only ask that you suggest improvements that would make this app more useful for work.