100 Must See Places
Device: Windows 8 Category: Travel Price: Free Released On: Mar. 03, 2014 Previous App: SOS, Flags Capitals Countries

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100 Must See Places

Device: Windows 8 Released On: Mar. 03, 2014
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100 Must See Places - The application will introduce you to 100 must see places in the world with beautiful pictures, description about each place and an interactive map. User will have a reference to know more about the place along with a video link.
The app contains features like share, search, search suggestions, secondary tile, semantic zoom.


•Semantic Zoom – User can now easily navigate to the continents list within a single view. Semantic Zoom organizes continents alphabetically in a single view and it also contains how many places does a
•Search Charm – Lets user search the app from anywhere in the system, including the app itself. User will be able to use the search charm to open a search pane where they can enter search queries and t
•Search Suggestions – Start typing place name in the search pane, and user will get a list of suggestions as well. Displays a maximum of 5 locations.
•Share Charm – If user like a particular place and if user wants to share the place information to anyone then share charm will provide user to send the details of that place with any application. The
•Secondary Tile – The app enables user to pin a specific place or experience from an app to the start screen. Secondary tiles provide a direct link to access the application. Pin any item to the main s
•Save Picture- The app enables user to save pictures from the application to their device directly.
•Favorite- If user likes any location and if user wants to add that particular location to favorite list then that can be done by favorite option which helps user to do this.
•View Map – User can now easily navigate to any place on earth by tapping the View Map, it will navigate user to the correct location on map.
•Map Types – User can have three kind of map views. They are Aerial ,Road and bird’s eye View for user experience.