Trouble With Robots
Device: iPhone & iPad Category: Game Price: Free Released On: Dec. 04, 2014

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Trouble With Robots

Device: iPhone & iPad Released On: Dec. 04, 2014
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Trouble With Robots (TWR) is a blend of tabletop collectible card game with real-time strategy video game where players collect cards, build decks, and battle against the oncoming hordes of robotic intruders. Between stages, you build your deck, choosing from over 40 cards to use against the next battle’s onslaught of troublesome robots! With a rich storyline and action-packed gameplay, players will find the time to fall in love with the inhabitants of the TWR world, create unstoppable combinations, and end the robotic rule of Voldetron.

The Trouble With Robots tale sends players on a humorous journey across a world divided by great magic and frightening technology. Players will embark on a quest that sends them to every corner of the map in order to defeat and unite the magical creatures of the land. When players complete levels and objectives, their library of cards will grow, allowing for more creatures to summon, spells to cast, and exciting combos to execute!

The Trouble With Robots story can be played through in the three standard difficulties: Easy, Medium, and Hard. You might think you’re a hotshot because you’ve finally beaten the game, but it doesn’t end there! Limited Mode is unlocked by completing the main story and cripples the player by locking half of their collected cards for each level! Each new level will restrict you in new ways, testing both your creativity and deck building ability!

• ADVENTURE through 27 storyline levels and 6 very difficult challenge levels
• CUSTOMIZE your deck for each unique level
• FALL IN LOVE with a full cast of hilarious and heartwarming characters
• COLLECT over 40 cards consisting of creature summon, healing, strengthening, direct damage, and other spells
• UNLOCK levels and modes to add a new experiences and tons of replay value  



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