Toonia Jelly: Music
Device: iPhone & iPad Category: Education Price: $2.99 Released On: Feb. 27, 2015 Previous App:

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Toonia Jelly: Music

Device: iPhone & iPad Released On: Feb. 27, 2015
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Play, Listen and Learn the Sounds of Flute, Xylophone, Drums & other musical instruments - educational Toy for Kids & Toddlers

A new way to learn about music! Discover the beautiful world of musical instruments and sounds with the help of Jelly.

Jelly is a cute virtual pet that helps your kid play different instruments - xylophone, flute, drums and many more. This playful app is full of surprises, adorable activities, animations and funny sounds. It stimulates your kid’s auditory and visual senses and encourages their curiosity in a safe environment. Perfect for toddlers, fun for everyone!

- Play different instruments: flute, xylophone, drums, triangle etc.
- Discover a wide range of sounds.
- Catch magic objects and listen to various singing styles.
- See Jelly change shapes, colors and emotions.
- Mix some music.
- Beautiful world full of fun physics and exciting surprises.
- No written instructions, kid-friendly interface.
- No in-app purchases, no third-party advertising.
- Relaxing music and colors.
- No rules, no limits, play any way you want to.  



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