RX-Pass Mobile
Device: iPhone & iPad Category: Lifestyle Price: Free Released On: Apr. 17, 2014 Previous App: GeoWiz

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RX-Pass Mobile

Device: iPhone & iPad Released On: Apr. 17, 2014
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The RX-Pass system connects medical marijuana patients with physicians and dispensaries. Every registered patient gets a personal RX-Pass card that can be used to gain swift yet secure access at member dispensaries.

The system works great but now we want to make it even better with the addition of the RX-Pass Mobile app, which consists of 3 sections:

1) RX-Pass activation where patients activate their pass which generates the QR code that is scanned when they want to visit member dispensaries.

2) Physician Directory - with addresses and maps of hundreds of state certified physicians that provide patient recommendations.

3) Dispensary Directory - with addresses and maps of thousands of dispensaries

The app is free but includes 3 in-app purchased of $0.99 each. They are:

1) RX-Pass Activation - so patients get the barcode that lets them check-in using their iPhone or iPad.

2) Security Activation - lets users enter a security code to restrict access to the app on their device.

3) Dispensary Full Details - provides access to dispensary menus, photos etc.

We believe that the app will prove to be invaluable for MMJ patients. Initially the app is targeted at the US market (especially California) but ultimately we plan for it to be international.

To see more screenshots and slideshow please go to http://www.nextrx.net/mobile/

We look forward to your feedback.  


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