Device: iPhone & iPad Category: Navigation Price: Free Released On: Jan. 25, 2014

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Device: iPhone & iPad Released On: Jan. 25, 2014
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Going geocaching, hiking, or on a scavenger hunt? This app provides a simple way to view and save a location or find a different location. Have you ever been stranded without knowing exactly where you are? Have you ever tried to find someone or something that’s off the beaten path? Now you can do both simply and easily!

This app does two things:

1) It directs you to a specific latitude and longitude or address with an arrow on a compass that will point you toward the location entered and will display how far away it is. You can also click the map button and tap a point on the map to get directions to that location.

2) It displays your latitude, longitude, and altitude in a clean, easy-to-read format. Giant labels display your current coordinates and altitude while the “Speak” button allows you to audibly hear your current location. The "Options" button allows you to change a few simple settings. The "Share" button allows you to send your location via email, image, copying it to the clipboard, or sending it in a text message. The “Save” button allows you to save your current location while the "Clock" button allows you to load previous locations that were saved.

This app was made in close conjunction with emergency rescue personnel to create an app unmatched among its competitors. Optimized for the specific accuracy of iOS devices, JustGPS provides detailed information, while not displaying extraneous information or excessive unneeded options.

JustGPS is perfect for urban and rural excursions, emergency rescue personnel, outdoorsman, hobbyists, and geocachers. This app helps anyone who needs a quick and simple way to view their latitude, longitude, and altitude or get simple directions to a specific location. Whether you’re finding a lost family member, a great trail, a geocache, or your favorite fishing hole, this app does it all!

Main Features:
• Arrow on compass points to a location (lat, long or address)
• View the distance to the location
• View your latitude, longitude, and altitude
• Save and load old locations
• Share your location via email, text, image, or copying it to the clipboard
• Listen to your location
• Simple options page to change some basic settings  


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