Castle Breakout - Escape! HD
Device: iPhone & iPad Category: Game Price: Free Released On: Feb. 08, 2016 Previous App: Talking Duke Dog

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Castle Breakout - Escape! HD

Device: iPhone & iPad Released On: Feb. 08, 2016


Castle Breakout is a breakthrough! Ideal for masters of the “room escape genre” or those casual gamers who enjoy solving puzzles. Find clues in the right order to escape rooms in a beautiful yet mysterious castle. ** “Intricate and elegantly designed!” ** “Sets a new standard in room escape games!”
Castle Breakout Escape HD features 10 unique and gorgeously rendered medieval environments and delightful medieval music performed and recorded by classical guitarist Jon Sayles.

Looking for a “quick escape” from the daily doldrums? Each room can be escaped in less than 5 minutes or less!

“The game is excellent! The graphics are amazing! The music is great! I can't find a thing wrong with it other than I want to keep playing it!” Michael Spence, USA

Your mission:
As a castle security expert, you must work your way through 10 unique, gorgeously rendered and intricate medieval castle rooms. Discover the secret to escaping each locked room and move on to the next challenge!

“Engaging, captivating and challenging!” Andrew Allison, Head of Supply, Europe, Africa and Middle East,


Battle against the wits of the Guild of Justice to solve tricky puzzles with swords, spears, potions, pots, crowns, and more! Should you outwit the castle security force, you will not only escape the castle, but enjoy a surprise ride of your life on the back of a majestic dragon!
Castle Breakout has been gloriously rendered with photorealistic detail and features amazing sound effects for a brand new experience: it's like being the star in a medieval movie!

Each level is logical, and can be beaten in fifteen minutes or less—ideal for puzzle solvers that don't have the time to work through convoluted hour long challenges. Stop and start at your convenience, or beat it all in one sitting—if you can.

Castle Breakout Escape also features 33 mb of delightful classical music performed and recorded by award winning classical guitarist John Sayles, turning this wonderful puzzle game into a relaxing meditative experience.

- 10 thematic puzzle rooms rendered in photo-realistic detail (more coming soon)
- a comic book style intro HD
- Classical medieval guitar music  
- Video cheats to help players move along should they get stuck  



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