Big Head Gunner
Device: iPhone & iPad Category: Game Price: $2.99 Released On: Nov. 30, 2014 Previous App:

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Big Head Gunner

Device: iPhone & iPad Released On: Nov. 30, 2014
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After two years in development eBattalion is finally showing off the first ever preview of Big Head Gunner! The game is a platformer set to break new ground in touchscreen game controls. Gunner, also known as Big Head Gunner, is the hero of the Acorn Kingdom. After hearing that the evil King Chameleon kidnapped the prince, Gunner bravely set out on a rescue mission.

Precision Touch and Other Awesome Features
Big Head Gunner is a modern iOS game but also a totally retro 2D platformer. It brings the complex and accurate control systems of games like Super Mario Brothers to touchscreen, without the use of an onscreen controller. This has never been done before on pure touch, and the result is an amazingly playable platformer!

Primary features include...

# Precision Touch
# Handcrafted levels
# Expert level design
# 9 magical worlds
# 36 unique levels with dozens of sub levels
# 180 stars to find and collect
# Dozens of other collectables
# 9 adrenaline pumping boss battles
# 9 super fun bonus games
# Fluid HD animation running at 60 FPS

Save the Acorn Kingdom from King Chameleon and rescue Prince Akoki. Over 50 hours of gameplay guaranteed! Big Head Gunner will be officially released in late November for all iOS devices, including iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Early Demo Builds for Journalists and Beta Testers
If you are a journalist or beta tester and would like gain access to a prerelease version of Big Head Gunner please contact eBattalion via the following link.

© eBattalion 2014
Big Head Gunner, Acorn Kingdom, and Precision Touch are trademarks of eBattalion.  



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