Wiki1001 Your Intimate Friend
Device: iPhone & iPad & Android Category: Health & Fitness Price: Free Released On: Jul. 06, 2016

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Wiki1001 Your Intimate Friend

Device: iPhone & iPad & Android Released On: Jul. 06, 2016


? Wiki1001 is the only app to make up your questions and find reliable answers about sexuality and sexual health in less than 15 seconds. ? Faster than any search engine ? No need to type ? A shelter with total privacy & anonymity.

Over 1000 Q&A’s ABOUT:
• Sexuality (Sexual Activities & Responses)
• Safe Sex, Pregnancy & Abortion
• Sexual Orientation
• Appearance & Wellness (Nutrition, Fitness, Skin, Hair, etc.)
• Taboos & Myths (Flirting, dating, chat, intimacy, if condom breaks, ejaculation, male – female orgasm, intercourse facts, etc.)
• Your Body (Weight control, periods, puberty, orgasm, etc.)
• Emotions & The Mind (Romance, depression, eating disorders, etc.)
• Drugs & Alcohol
• Sexual assault, Violence & Bullying
• Diseases (STDs, HIV, Acne, etc.) & Dr. Visits

? Tips & Solutions for immediate issues
? All the content used in the app is referenced from evidence based sources such as Natural Medicines, CDC, NHS, American Medical Association and moderated by us, physicians.

• Targeted health news categorized by age and gender (male, female, LGBT)
• Symptom Checker consisting of 94 different complaints for all ages.
• Hotlines support for emergency access.


• None of the Q&A search is saved in the server or shared with 3rd parties.
• Sharing with and helping friends in need of reliable answers written by doctors.
• No ads meaning no disruption, more speed and less battery consumption.
• Race with yourself, with timer and challenge friends in a gamified way.
• App flow is in a way to make navigation quite intuitive and user-friendly.

FOR WHOM: This app is for teens and youth over 17, parents and adults.

WHY Wiki1001:

• 84% of teenagers between 13-18 years of age turn to the internet to search for answers to a health problem. However, in a recent study, 55 to 90% of the sexual health sites consisted wrong or misleading information.

• CDC estimates that nearly 20 million new sexually transmitted infections occur every year in USA and with half among young people aged 15–24. Most of the STD cases (50-80%) don’t have any symptoms at all or the signs are so mild that you may not notice.

• There is strong evidence that young people who receive good quality sex and relationship education (SRE) programs that start early are more likely to first have sex at an older age, to have fewer sexual partners and to use contraception.

• All these underscore how important it is to make sure there is accurate, appropriate and easily accessible information available to teens, because it is used and acted upon.

• Wiki1001 app is also an indispensable source for parents to debunk potentially uncomfortable discussions with their children concerning sex.

Therefore, we, as two physicians, want to stand up with this app for you, to be more than a doctor, the web, your friends and family added together.

Wiki1001 app is produced by two physicians who have created Caredir®. Caredir® has won 3 Stevie® Awards in in 2015:
• Start-up of the Year,
• Best New Product or Service of the Year,
• Health Products & Services at the 12th Annual International Business Awards. is an online health resource moderated by physicians which provides reliable, referenced and fast information about current medical conditions with traffic lights labeling system. A symptom checker with an e-mailing & printing option for delivering to your physician is included. Complementary & alternative treatments and health news categorized by gender and age, are also available.

Note: We suggest you to consult a doctor before using any advice, treatment or method.

Visit Us : https//
Facebook : Wiki1001
Twitter : @Wiki1001app
YouTube : Wiki1001 app
Pinterest : Wiki1001
Instagram : Wiki1001app

? Make Wiki1001 your newest go-to for tips on health, sex, and so much more!
? Download NOW  



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► Wiki1001 app is created by Caredir® team which was founded by two physicians with 30 years of experience, to combat the prevalence of dangerous unreliable medical and treatment information available to the public. We are working together with our developers to design mobile applications especially for teens. We have been working on teen psychology and behavior on mobile and their search patterns for health related issues. ► Although a new startup, creator of Wiki1001 app, Caredir® was named the winner of 3 Stevie® Awards in a row (Start-up of the Year, Best New Product or Service of the Year and Health Products & Services) at the recent 12th Annual International Business Awards.

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