Quadropus Rampage
Device: iPhone & iPad & Android Category: Game Price: Free Released On: Jun. 21, 2013 Previous App: Towelfight 2 : The Monocle of Destiny

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Quadropus Rampage

Device: iPhone & iPad & Android Released On: Jun. 21, 2013
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A seamless fusion of Roguelike and Brawler, Quadropus Rampage will tentacle-slap iOS and Android gamers alike with insane skill-based combat, a deep progression system, challenging boss fights, beautifully illustrated graphics, and hilarious dialogue. Players dispatch saucy foes with a suite of randomly generated weapons and gain immense power from artifacts to protect the realm from evil.

Be a quadropus - Go on a rampage
Perfect blend of roguelike and brawler - Hit enemies in their stupid faces
Endless Gameplay - Procedurally generated weapons, levels, and enemies that keep the action fresh until you die from thumb exhaustion
Intuitive, fast-paced combat - Easy to learn, difficult to master. Dodge, block, stab, smash, and spin your way to victory!
Five epic boss fights - Pursue Pete into the depths and bludgeon his mouth off
Mastery system - 23 achievements with gameplay altering rewards
Artifacts - Unearth 39 treasures that let you shoot lasers out of your face or turn your pet starfish into an explosive boomerang
Extensive upgrade tracks - Invest orbs in your quadropus to make him stronger
Hilarious Characters - Break your ribs from intense chuckling
Gamecenter Integration (iOS Only) - Show your BFFs what’s what.  



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