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Device: iPhone & iPad & Android Exp. Release Date: Dec. 16, 2016


Idyoma connects you with other language learners around you.

Learn languages through conversation. Have fun meeting new people. Meet often to improve fluency. Save money on expensive textbooks.

Whatever language you speak, connect with others through the app instantly and start chatting.

Starting in Seville, Spain, the Idyoma community is growing and helping more and more people achieve fluency.

Great for travelers, “Travel far, but not once more alone!”

Join our language-exchange community on facebook and twitter, come out to our thriving events and bouncing terrace parties.


- Connect with language learners near-by
- Search on the basis of the language(s) you speak and are practicing
- Customize a profile, form a network, and leave comments on past meetups
- Connect with verified users; who have securely registered their device with us: verified users display a badge on their profile
- Create invitations of when and where to meet
- Discover language partners in different locations using the World Traveler
- Use the exclude and include functionality to optimize your list of contacts
- Change your discovery range to reach users that are most convenient to you
- Login with Facebook or with Email wherever you are using WiFi or data


It’s easy to dive straight in and start discovering other learners around you.
Choose up two languages you want to practice.
Then choose up two languages you already know and the level how well you speak those languages.
Browse through local users by clicking the ‘Users’ button on the bottom tab. Click on a user to enter their profile. Read their description, comments made by previous language partners, and then check their distance and if you share any mutual friends.
Click the envelope button to start chatting.
Here you can organize a meetup. Take advantage of the invite functionality if you’re struggling to coordinate the meetup.  



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