Campus Beer Run 3D
Device: iPhone & iPad & Android Category: Game Price: Free Released On: Apr. 30, 2014 Previous App: Campus Beer Run, Angry Mouse Maze

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Campus Beer Run 3D

Device: iPhone & iPad & Android Released On: Apr. 30, 2014


Are you ready to get your party on?

If so, maybe you're also ready for “Campus Beer Run 3D,” a wild and crazy sequel to one of the best shindigs ever thrown by popular game designers, Wutango Media.

The first Campus Beer Run left aspiring alcoholics the world over clutching their heads, certain they had the time of their life and trying to piece back together the details. So clearly it was time to come back with better graphics and more nonstop, gut-heaving fun. And so you have it.

In this “temple run for belligerent party-goers,” the college kids are doing what they do best. Keeping the neighborhood awake! It's just another off the hinges party at the frat-house, and everybody who is anybody has shown up to drink themselves stupid.

You've got meatheads in the corner doing keg stands and trying to figure out how to use the beer bong. The speakers are thumping, with music loud enough to make enemies for a square couple miles. Plenty of token hotties slamming back jell-o shots, getting ready to make bad decisions. And every porcelain god in the house is being worshiped by the latest round of puking freshmen.

Then...a knock at the door. Looks like the campus police decided to swing by and spoil all the fun – apparently, school is supposed to be stuffy and boring. But our drunken heroes aren't quite ready to throw in the towel, no matter how soaked in booze it might be. You know how it goes – the cops say freeze and the party scatters like a burst pinata.

You're not going to be the one who takes the heat, are you?

Of course not.

Stumble out the front door and head for the hills, beer in hand, as the fascist campus cops take chase. A little booze and adrenaline in your veins, and a brisk run from the pigs seems no more a bad idea than a friendly game of tag. So take your 3D runner jogging (plenty of staggering included) though college campus neighborhoods, trying to get away from the authorities so you can find the next place to let loose without government intervention.

In this soggy, sopping wet game, you get six slobbering characters to choose from. There's the cool frat guy streaker, stripped down to his underwear. The ditzy sorority girl in her party dress. An awkward, over-drunk fraternity pledge. A hot cheerleader. And a beefy football player who hasn't yet realized the game is over.

Or, don't like being one of the cool kids and fitting in? Then be the gangly nerd donning spandex and a cape...hey, who invited this guy, anyways?

As if running from the cops when you're hammered isn't a challenge enough as it is, some jerks have gone and riddled your path with all kinds of obstacles that are sure to get your blood boiling and your head spinning. Run and dodge around the empty beer barrels and beer cans littering the streets, bail over the beer pong tables and the drunks passed out beside them, and then do a world class Pete Rose beneath a party bus before you become the ultimate party foul smeared across the pavement.

Oh, yeah, and as if this wasn't the most random night on campus, watch for the flamingo wearing the beer helmet. He just might become your favorite new “wing man.”

Wait, a flamingo wearing a beer helmet? Are you sure that's just beer in that cup...?

As you hit the pavement, collect beer bottle and 1-liter beer mug coins to rack up points, and then compare scores with friends in Game Center. Campus Beer Run 3D also comes with a multiplayer function if you want to up the ante and introduce a little friendly competition.

After all, who wants to party alone? Only alkies do that.

See who can get furthest and then ridicule your friends as publicly as possible.  



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