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Device: iPhone & iPad & Android Released On: Jun. 26, 2014


What is BetrSpot?

Urban areas are more popular than ever. Environments that are fun, popular or promoted often times have more demand for space than actual supply. BetrSpot is a consumer to consumer, location-based market and series of micro-markets for the trading of personally occupied, first come-first served spots. A ‘spot’ generally is a seat but can also be the physical area your body occupies, too, like a line spot.

A 'spot market' can exist almost anywhere and start at the drop of a hat. They can be in a crowded bar on game night, a crowded bus or train at rush hour, a Starbucks or cafe on Saturday morning, a line for a product launch, a line for a bathroom at the 7th inning stretch, or for tickets to a cool show. When one person posts their willingness to leave or release a first come-first served spot and another is willing to entertain offering a release motivator, a spot market is in play.

Main features:
- Maps provided by Google and POIs (Points of Interest) pulled from FourSquare are integrated and parsed to form specific environments that are ripe for spot markets. (Maps are BetrSpot's default landing page.)
- Posting spots both in venues and lines is seamless and easy. No writing involved. Only taps.
- Bidding on a spot is equally easy and fast.
- Spot Requests help users start spot markets by offering a release motivator to others within the venue.
- BetrSpot coordinates the physical exchange of the space between both parties within the venue itself or line.
- BetrSpot, in conjunction with Stripe payment processing, (www.stripe.com) processes each transaction so that the spot poster is compensated for releasing occupancy of the space. Stripe credits spot posters' checking accounts directly every 7 days. US dollars only for the moment.
- Both parties rate each other. User ratings mathematically scored for precision with 16 pts. being the highest.
- Full transparency of transactions for both parties with the MyBetrSpot tab.
- Follow HotSpots to see where postings are happening and which type of spot is the most popular.
- Use Search both around you or by city or state to quickly find the exact venue you want to check out in advance of showing up.
- Post a Spot Request and if another user posts in response, both parties are automatically connected to begin trading.
- Spot Market POI flags change color when there are live spot postings or live spot requests in them - Green for a Live Spot Posting, Red for a Live Spot Request and Half Green/Half Red when there are both live Spot Post & Live Spot Requests posted in the venue simultaneously.
- All spot postings automatically expire after 15 mins but users can repost their spot easily with just one tap!  


Polls & Survey

Which is more important to improve BetrSpot? UX/UI? Closed

Clearly we're in Beta and striving to improve our app. prior to our public launch in 2/3 weeks. What would make BetrSpot well, 'Betr'? A cleaner UI? Or a more a slicker improved UX?
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