Vault - Keep Private Photos and Videos in Encrypted Safe
Device: iPhone Category: Photo & Video Price: Free Released On: Feb. 28, 2013

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Vault - Keep Private Photos and Videos in Encrypted Safe

Device: iPhone Released On: Feb. 28, 2013
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Vault is the easiest way to keep your photos and videos safe, with unprecedented safety and a whole host of simple features - Vault is the perfect app for everyone who wants to keep their content secure locally.

Your data is personal to you, and it’s becoming increasingly harder to keep prying eyes off your photos and videos. Vault is a new, innovative and extremely secure medium to store your data - We didn’t want your data to be vulnerable to hacks or breaches so instead of storing data in the cloud, Vault holds your data locally; with maximum encoding to protect it. Vault allows you to keep your personal photos and videos away from prying eyes, the 5 digit passcode login is the barrier between you and your data; or the thief and your data. Our security is unmatched and will report you of any attempted break-ins. Photos and videos can be captured within the application for ultimate protection and direct import. You can also import files from cloud services such as Dropbox whilst also including the ability to import files directly from your device’s camera roll/library. With security unrivalled - no hacker, thief or prying eyes will ever gain access to your device unwillingly to you. Furthermore, with Guard, you can capture the exact moment anyone tries to gain access to your content. Guard takes an image from the front-facing camera once an incorrect password is entered, adding even more security to your device, these images can then be accessed by you.

Gain safety with Vault, the securest way to keep your video and images away from prying eyes.


- Guard: Vault will capture an image whenever an incorrect passcode is submitted.

- Dropbox import: Got important data in the cloud? Keep it safe locally with Vault.

- Direct Capture: Rather have a file secure from day one? Vault allows you to capture video and photo directly inside the app, without need for import afterwards.

- Safe and Secure 5 digit passcode: We’ll only settle for the highest class of security and we believe the 5 digit passcode is the best way to do this...

- Video Playback within the application: Want to watch a video? No problem, with Vault you can play a video directly within the application!  


Recent Beta Testers

  • Sang Le
    United States
    App Developer