Galaxy Feud
Device: iPhone Category: Game Price: Free Released On: Jan. 18, 2015

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Galaxy Feud

Device: iPhone Released On: Jan. 18, 2015
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Battle against friends online in epic battles in space. Earn credits and XP and upgrade your 5 individual spaceships with amazingly powerful weapons.

Classic Gameplay!
Galaxy Feud is a game that can be played by anyone. Built on familiar game mechanics to bring you a unique gaming experience with an incredible amount of gaming styles available.

Turnbased Multiplayer!
Take on your friends in epic space battles. Play multiple games at once and be notified when it is your turn to play. Each of the 5 ships in your fleet can make one action per turn. Fast paced, fun and strategic.

Amazing Array of Skills!
The skills is what will set your fleet apart. Each of your ships has a primary weapon and can bring 2 additional skills to battle. Galaxy Feud features 90 skills total, ranging from tactical defensive skills to devastating nuclear attacks.

Experience, Ranking & Cold Hard Cash!
Gain XP points and credits from every battle. As your earn experience you will increase your rank and unlock new powerful weapons and skills. Use your hard earned credits to upgrade your ships.

Stunning Graphics & immersive soundtrack!
Space is a beautiful place. Gorgeous space environments, a wealth of cool CGI animations and amazing 3D ship models accompanied by a great soundtrack will ensure that you never want to go back to earth.  



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Tumbling Heads is a game development company located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. We focuse on innovative apps for iPhone and for iPad. We strive to create the games that we want to play, and bring classic gameplay to new heights. We want everyone to be able to play and enjoy our games.

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Recent Beta Testers

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    United States
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  • Ramya BM
    United States
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