TinyShout - Proximity Messenger
Device: iPhone & Android Category: Social Networking Price: Free Released On: Mar. 17, 2015 Previous App: WaitIQ

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TinyShout - Proximity Messenger

Device: iPhone & Android Released On: Mar. 17, 2015


Send ShoutOuts where ever you are to anyone around you. No need for Friends or Followers.


Send a ShoutOut! Communicate with people around you. You define the distance and you determine how long the message will last. Perfect for communicating the next time you are at a concert/festival/amusement park/night club/bar/sporting event or anywhere! No need to have Social Media Friends or Followers. Just Send It!

TinyShout is a patent pending proximity based messenger that provides a time expiration for all messages. Send messages to anyone around you no matter where you are located without having friends or followers.

TinyShout will help communicate with people around you within a defined distance range and the messages have a time expiration.

TinyShout will let you post messages to a public message board that can only be seen by those within the range you define. So if you are at an outdoor concert or festival (for example) with a range you define as 1,000 feet, then only those within 1,000 feet will see the message.

TinyShout lets you send messages that expire. So that means you can post messages that have an expiration of maybe 5 minutes. Then after 5 minutes that message will be deleted from TinyShout and all mobile devices within range. In addition, the messages can be set to self-destruct after they are read by other users.

Also, messages can be sent with a passcode. Where other users in the area need to know the passcode for an added layer of security. So if you are protester, vendor or business with a daily deal you can protect you unique idea.

For example, next time you are in a public place and need to notify everyone around that you found a set of car keys you can post a message to TinyShout and everyone around you will be notified a set of keys have been found.

The possibilities are endless.

Sign up today to be a Beta App tester. We plan to go live in early December. Your Help is greatly appreciated.  



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