Device: iPhone & Android Category: Business Price: Free Released On: Jun. 27, 2016

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Device: iPhone & Android Released On: Jun. 27, 2016


No more business cards. Qriouz connects people with one click.

Qriouz is a simple connection tool and one click is all you need to get connected to other people. You no longer have to ask people for phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses or worry about internet connection, loud noise or other factors. Do not waste time and never carry a business card again!
You select what you want to share, like your LinkedIn profile, Facebook, vCard from your phone, document or whatever... When you choose your link (destination) the Qriouz code is generated automatically. People scan your Qriouz code and you are connected instantly.
Everything that we use for our daily lives or work is already out there. We are just using the existing apps and your phone is always with you. It is like giving away paper business cards, but you never ran out of them.
Link. Share. Connect.


-Qriouz Menu:
Contains several preset social media buttons, digital business card links and a customisable link. The links activate when your first login with your mobile apps and you only need to log in once.

-Qriouz scan:
Simple tool that allows you to scan other Qriouz codes and any other QR codes.

-Qriouz History:
Keeps track of the social media links, digital business cards and other links you sent in an user friendly overview. If you're using the app in an environment with no internet connection it allows you to resend requests when you return online.

-Qriouz Code:
Consider this your apps ID card. It remains the same even when changing links. We also offer badges with your Qriouz code for more information visit our website.

-Coming soon: Insights tab
A macro overview of when/where with whom and with what you connected. Helps you identify your networking opportunities.

Qriouz makes your that every step is secure. Werther you are sharing a digital business card or a full online portfolio we make sure you're connecting securely, person to person. We do not provide any personal information to third parties.
If you wish to find out more about the team behind the Qriouz app or find any other information visit us at https://www.qriouz.com/.  



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