PlanDo - Do Something Together
Device: iPhone & Android Category: Social Networking Price: Free Released On: Jun. 17, 2015

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PlanDo - Do Something Together

Device: iPhone & Android Released On: Jun. 17, 2015


PlanDo is an exciting new social media tool that allows people to find others with similar interests to find one another and engage in shared activities they all enjoy.

PlanDo allows users to connect with others according to their location and their preferred activities. Users can start an activity with a particular interest, allowing other users to join and contribute to that activity. Activities can be people who enjoy movies in a particular location, fans of a certain sport, people who love a certain type of food, the options are endless and only restricted by the imagination of the users. The app enables them to get in touch and go to movies, plays, and sporting events together with concerts, museums and more. PlanDo bring People together to do whatever they like and with people who want to do the same thing.

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Hong Kong based developer working on social network on mobile.

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