iZombie-intelligent zombies
Device: iPhone & Android Category: Books Price: Free Released On: Jan. 07, 2014 Previous App: The Curse of Woodrock: TWINS

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iZombie-intelligent zombies

Device: iPhone & Android Released On: Jan. 07, 2014
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FREE for a very limited time! The new and revolutionary way of reading: SyncReading. The intelligent Zombies are coming to stay! Hours and hours of pure entertainment. The soundtrack accompanies the plot in order to empower your senses and imagination and turning reading into a one of a kind multisensory experience.SyncReading.

Try out first-hand the power of syncReading.
Reinforce your reading abilities, your imagination and concentration

An insider view is waiting for you, immerse yourself in a Zombie apocalypse from different leading roles.
Dare to do it! Let us be part of it and share your knowledge, experiences and emotions.
Become a SyncReader, sync yourself!.

Standard price 3,59€/3.99$

Requires iOS 6 or later.


URL : http://www.readmusync.com/izombie-trailer/


Enjoy SyncReading and feel a mistery experience second to none.

*** FEATURES ***
- Original plot by Monster

-Original soundtrack by Ismael Berdei

-Format: SyncReading (the soundtrack and the reading experience are perfectly synchronized) and traditional e-book (no music), to read at your own pace.

-Requires iOS 6 or later.

-Available in English or Spanish.

-To reach the higher level of avant-garde enjoyment we recommend you to use headphones.  



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