Insight - Story Therapy
Device: iPhone & Android Category: Productivity Price: $1.99 Released On: Jul. 30, 2015

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Insight - Story Therapy

Device: iPhone & Android Released On: Jul. 30, 2015


For that moment when you have a difficult problem with no clear solution, Insight - Stories and Tales is your friend. This app has a retrieval system that will bring a particular story to you based on whatever decision you have to make. The characters may experience similar circumstance or struggles so that you can relate to them and see how they fared through their problem.

We have taken some of the biggest and most creative stories in mankind's history and summarized them down to manageable chunks so you won't be getting a novel each time but rather a quick 2-5 minute read. Where do these stories come from? - Greek Mythology, Buddhist Stories, Bible stories, etc....

Even if you don't have a problem on hand you can use the App's "Random Story Generator" to bring any one of these stories to the screen for your reading pleasure. Think about all the movies and major books today that use quick and subtle allusions to stories of this caliber. It would be great to know those stories, not just for entertainment but to have it pertain to your life in some very specific and personal way.

If you ever wanted to get around to reading Greek Mythology, reviewing all the stories in the Bible, or just getting a glimpse into what influenced the eastern mentality. Don't spend money on multiple books that you may never have time to sit down and read. Instead just pay one low price of 1.99$ (for a 30$ value in books) to get all these stories in your pocket to carry with you at all times.

You can see it all and more at our website here  



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