Device: iPhone & Android Category: Sports Price: $9.99 Released On: Jan. 07, 2014 Previous App: Awareness! The Headphone App

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Device: iPhone & Android Released On: Jan. 07, 2014
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GunSonics!® -The Advanced Ear Protection & Communication App for firearms enthusiasts - works with passive ear protectors worn over the top of standard issue headsets. Why pay hundreds of dollars for electronic ear-defenders when you can use the power of your smartphone to do a better job for a lot less money?

• Outperforms Market Leading Electronic Headsets - Represents a breakthrough in electronic ear protection safety.

The fastest (and most expensive) electronic ear defenders on the market have a published reaction time of 1.5ms to 6ms but a typical gunshot blast peaks within just 1ms.

GunSonics!® catches 100% of all gunshots to set a new standard in safety for electronic ear protection; see live recording from the output of GunSonics! after a high powered rifle was fired in screenshot 2 or take a look at a 10 second video that shows what GunSonics! does to gunshot blasts here: There are no ear splitting spikes, just clear audio at safe listening volumes.

GunSonics!® is so smooth that you can hear conversations and range commands over gunshots, clearly with no drop out or stuttering.

• Functionality
Allows natural conversation on the range or in the field, between shooters, instructors and pupils

• Safer all round

- Allows use of higher NRR passive ear-protectors

-Reacts to squash 100% of gunshots unlike any electronic ear-defender on the market

-Speech is never interrupted and continues smoothly through gunshots

-Overall combo of app/earphones/protector outperforms all electronic ear-defenders on all levels

“Certainly works!”
Senior Gun Instructor UK.

GunSonics!® uses unique technology to reduce damaging gun blast, whilst amplifying ambient sound such as speech and animal movements.

“Brilliant! I could hear the loading of bullets in a magazine from 5 feet away.”
Gun Club member.

It’s easy to use too. Use your regular earphones that come with your phone and put a pair of passive ear protectors over the top. Make sure the headset mic and lead are tucked safely out of the way.

Select GunSonics!® app on your phone. Choose your gun on the selector and choose Auto or Single-Shot. Adjust the phone volume to a comfortable listening level. Then hear, talk, shoot!

• Features:

Advanced DSP Real-Time Engine

Gun Type Selector with six custom presets finely tuned to each weapon’s unique sound characteristics

Auto Fire Selector
Choose between single shot or automatic weapons. Auto Fire is also recommended when firing with a group

Speech is picked up clearly, even over the loudest gunshots and without stutter.

GunSonics! is NOT a replacement for ear protectors/defenders/muffs! You must always use high NRR ear protectors over your earphones

We STRONGLY recommend that you DO NOT use any ear-protectors with an NRR of less than 30dB.

Purchase of GunSonics! is subject to acceptance of the Licence Agreement found at

GunSonics! is a registered trademark of Essency Ltd. ©2013 All rights reserved.  



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