Kitchen Aid Kit – How to Cook Easy: food tips, timer and converter || Christmas Edition
Device: iPad Category: Food & Drink Price: Free Released On: Jan. 10, 2014

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Kitchen Aid Kit – How to Cook Easy: food tips, timer and converter || Christmas Edition

Device: iPad Released On: Jan. 10, 2014
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Special Christmas Gift from Kitchen Aid Kit. Festive design and free version of the app with no Ad! In just one click…

Got passion for cooking? Are you obsessed with the idea of making kitchen experiments? Have you ever dreamt of Heston Blumenthal, Anthony Bourdain or James Oliver laurels?

You might have faced this untold feeling of perplexity and confusion while reading some exotic recipes. We’re not talking just about those weird units of measurement they use or mysterious unavailable ingredients or inquisitorial manuals like “cook over hot yet not boiling water from 90 to 93 seconds” etc. We’re talking about the whole picture that looks quite incomprehensible.

And now imagine that most of these troubles just vanish with a single application: Kitchen Aid Kit. Combining high-tech abilities with funny and friendly interface Kitchen Aid Kit is an autonomous cooking lab – a perfect solution for every kitchen. So, how does it work?

Everything is simple. Download Kitchen Aid Kit to your iPad and you get a set of options:
scales, beaker, batcher, cooker timer, converter and background information in a single application.

Despite the extraordinary performance the interface remains easy and user-friendly. Let’s take a beaker as an example. After launching the application you see an ordinary glass on a small stand (naturally variable). By touching the screen you can easily change glass’s shape and size. All you have to do is to adjust the application to your preferable beaker (or cup) and to choose the necessary ingredient from the list – Kitchen Aid Kit will show the volume of 20, 50 or any number of ounces (grams, milliliters etc.). Just put together your glass and his virtual reflection and there it is!

As you can see it’s pretty simple as everything of genius. But the beaker is just a small part of the application’s facilities.

Here is the complete list of Kitchen Aid Kit capacities:

•Beaker for more than 30 kinds of products
•Ability of measuring (different measures)
•Calorific value of the content of the glass (showed automatically)
•Saving option for often used glasses with unique names
•Fast access to chosen glasses
•6 autonomous timers for 5 cooker burners and oven
•Naming option for timers at the time of cooking
•Suspend / proceed option for every timer
•Active screen mode while the timer works
•Weight, capacity and temperature measures converter
•Vintage fridge-manual contains information about 40 products storage
•Ability of using the most spread kinds of weights and measures

We are convinced that everyone who has ever tried a chef coat finds this application highly useful. No matter how well versed in this challenging job you are: amateurs built Noah's Ark and professionals built the Titanic, so just keep making progress and don't ignore simple solutions. Kitchen Aid Kit is one of them.  


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