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Device: Android Released On: Jun. 05, 2017
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Have a passion but don't know enough people near you following the same interests? Want to know about interesting groups and events happening around you? Want to meet like-minded people who have the same hobbies as you?

Look no further! MyyUtopia is an innovative location-based reverse social-networking platform that solves all these problems. It finds like-minded people in your radius on the basis of your interests and current location. It also helps you discover groups, activities and events of your interest around you. Create your own group and discover amazing people near you that have similar tastes. You can share unlimited texts and photos with individuals and also within your groups. And it doesn’t even stop here! Locate people and groups online and meet them offline. No need to get bored at home or feel lonely. Get instant notifications on messages, share photos, and add contacts. Stay abreast of all exciting groups, events and activities near you and be a part of them. Build your own circle.

MyyUtopia is a platform for everyone, no matter what your passions/interests are. The possibilities are unlimited. We understand that these interests could change by the day, so MyyUtopia offers a simple one-click way to update them and suggests you relevant people and groups near you, based on new interests, in real-time. It provides you with updated groups and suggested people, anytime, anywhere as long as your devices’ GPS is ON, no matter if you are at home, at an event, or on the move.

At the core of MyyUtopia is an intelligent Machine Learning Algorithm which builds your profile based on your interests and location, and provides you with the most relevant and engaging activities around you. One of the best things about MyyUtopia is that it requires an authenticated login, which means that the people you meet are real and the percentage of fake accounts and spam is extremely less.

MyyUtopia offers support for a very wide variety of activities/hobbies. Be it related to Arts, Education, Career, Fun & Entertainment, Fitness & Health, Religion, Shopping, Sports, Travel and Tourism, Study Groups, Music & Movies, etc., you name it and you will find it.

And, what more? MyyUtopia provides a simple, clean and friendly environment free of clutter with little to no unnecessary information. Now discover like-minded people near you at the tap of an icon. Stay up-to date with all the important events & activities around you, that actually matters to you.  



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