Device: Android Category: Health & Fitness Price: Free Released On: Jun. 22, 2016

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Device: Android Released On: Jun. 22, 2016
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» Features:

» Track multiple habits.
»Track how many times you perform bad habit exclusively. Then how many times you break it and how many times you give up in a day ,week,month and year.
»Track which time to erase bad habit in a day with special icons (Morning,Evening and Night).
» Progress comparisons with past day activities.
» Percentage Progress for each habit.
» Graphs with Progress percentage.
» Emotion icons according to percentage progress.
» Positive substitution reminder.
» Inspiring Tips.
» Full Self-instructions manual.

Habits manifest themselves in your subconscious automatically.
You build them by training. To break one, limit yourself in that way. Bust-o-Habit is an exercise you won't forget.
Through honesty alone. It takes a week or more - depending on you - to create a habitude to your liking.
If you give up it will take more time to find joy in your life. It's simple! There may be many things you wish to improve,
not a problem with Bust-o-Habit. Plan your positive substitution positively with care.
We have a useful Tracking Tool built-in tracking every detail of your new life. Habits such as: Watching too much TV,
Smoking, Alcohol and Over-Eating you will stop by you! This is your choice to rock with forever!

»Remove bad habits from Your Life(!) simply by starting to track habits as:
Watching too much TV, smoking, drinking, over-eating.
With a positive substitution it is easier to break these devils in life. HabitBull keeps you aware of details.

»Who is this for?
Bust-o-Habit provides you and your family and friends with positive methods.
Anyone who wishes to lead a prosperous life is welcome! Welcome to Bust-o-Habit!  



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