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Device: All Released On: Aug. 06, 2015


The first of it's kind, Engage not only provides real time news articles and updated news stories throughout the day, but Engage lets you post comments/opinions about a specific article, view comments/opinions from other readers of the same article. Engage shows you how many people are actively reading the same article as you and the location(s) they are at. Additionally, Engage lets you chat one on one with any reader of the article you are reading in the event you want to engage in a private conversation with the reader.
All this, plus Engage gives you the option to post your completely uncensored comment/opinion anonymously hiding your profile information.  



MIR Publishing, located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA, is an award winning, top tier, certified developer of IOS, Android and Windows Phone. We have been successfully developing quality, robust mobile apps since 2011. We are a consulting Corporate Member of the App Developers Alliance, consulting and developing in an organization with over 60,000 members worldwide. At MIR Publishing, we handle all aspects of projects in house. We do not outsource to any third parties. Our focus is on transparency and responsive communication and feedback from our clients. We also have the ability to assist in scaling of apps, both pre-launch and immediately upon publishing. We understand the investment our clients are making, and are conscious of their desires for perfection. That's what we provide. Visit us at: www.mirpublishing.us, or request to Skype at mir.publishing *********************************** To assign project to our in-house development team within the space of the particular app (utility, game, web based conversion etc.). We will be in constant contact with our client in order to push test flights, receive feedback and make any additions/deletions to the app. We will also recommend, based on our experience, additional feature/functionality which may assist in the success of your app. Additionally, we can offer our services that can scale your app, resulting in substantial revenues.

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