Device: All Category: Productivity Price: Free Released On: Oct. 27, 2017

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Device: All Released On: Oct. 27, 2017


Become part of the solution.
Achieving Future Sustainability

:Equip yourself with early advanced information on environmental situations.

:Approach environmental issues in a preemptive manner as apposed to reactive.

:Become part part of the Monitoring, Repair/recover environmental process

:Provide environmental information that can lead to diagnosing problems before they become unwanted environmental situations.

:Save time and effort and easily maintain accurate and standardized records.

:Generate your documentation to assist in, record keeping, Auditing, Accounting

:Provide a standardized format to manage your environment.

:Suggest features and enhancements, That may be cost effective or may lead to the enhancement of existing and future yields.

eEncompass is:

An interface that assists in management of products and materials that are applied to any terrain.

With the use of an optimized SPA eEncompass provides a comprehensive way to manage Materials/resources applied to the environment with a Administrative interface (desktop/tablet) coupled with a mobile client for remote data acquiring.

The goal

Implement a conditions whereas one works in a preemptive manner as opposed to reactive condition.

This is common place as we are taught to react to situations as they arise.

Experience dictates
That if one is are made aware of a condition prior to being placed in a condition that requires evasive action
(being harmful or not ) is to assess that action.
The assessment may be economical, personal preference, history of successful results with a similar situation, etc...

The more information we have at hand will expedite this process and open the possibilities that may define alternatives.

We can now record the events of that action and determine from the results. The effectiveness of that action, it's effect and it's impact on future environmental events.

Having the ability to step back and not have to respond to the status quo Now we have a record of the actions taken (data),
We will now have the ability to, Assess the history of a location(s) and other locations that may have contributed to it's condition. Come to a viable conclusion as how to proceed.
Extrapolate a conclusion to modify the way a situation/condition is managed.

The evolution from working in a reaction situation to one that allows us to perceive and manage the required results.

-eEncompass is made up of several components.

:Inventory module that keeps track of the materials on hand.

:Administrator interface
Add and remove Observers(users)
add logos
set passwords on generated PDF documents etc..
Map preferences, industrial sector
Equipment preferences, Certification ID, Budget

:Location interface to manage locations
New Locations
Current Observations of locations

:Observation reporting module that records events of the terrain being managed

:Equipment verification module that allows one to ensure the equipment is calibrated and up to date as per specifications/requirements
Equipment calibration records

:Material/Product Application module that allows the materials/products in the inventory module to be applied to locations in the Application module via specification from the equipment module at the rates indicated in the suppliers product information.

This assist in insuring proper application/rate of materials per location.

The product that is being applied has the correct mixture for the area that it's being applied to.
The amount of product required to complete the application.
The product is applied as per manufactures specifications/recommendations

( Environmental Encompass )  



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