Archery Blitz
Device: All Category: Game Price: Free Released On: Nov. 21, 2014 Previous App: Last Heroes - The Final Stand, Zombie Ragdoll, Finger Slayer

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Archery Blitz

Device: All Released On: Nov. 21, 2014


Archery Blitz will make you take out your bow and arrow & will bring out the bowman in you! The game offers intuitive controls, fantastic physics, and a beautiful design. Archery Blitz includes 120 levels of bow and arrow fun, combined with 4 extremely fun unique modes. You will absolutely love Archery Blitz and it will quickly become the best archery game to play.

Get ready to shoot your arrows at the pesky zombies. The game contains a large variety of zombies, each with a unique zombie skill. So the archer in you will be fully tested as you shoot zombies with your unique and powerful arrows.

- Beautiful Graphics
- Amazing Sounds
- Stunningly Accurate Physics
- Plethora of Funny Zombies to Shoot
- 120 Levels Of Archery Fun
- 4 Exciting & Unique Game Modes
- Unique Arrows To Shoot Zombies

Whether you’re a skilled bowman or a casual physics game player, you will absolutely love Archery blitz! Are you ready to compete for the archery tournament of a lifetime? See if the archer in you can complete this mayhem filled archery shooting game! Download this fun Free arrow shooting game today and be entertained for hours!  



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