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Acquiring app users takes creative thinking and strategic planning. If you want to get solid traction that can lead to exponential growth for your app, PreApps can help. Our clients reach the top charts.

Viral Marketing

Collect interest and build an audience before you launch. Increase sales and app ranking instantaneously with opted in user downloads the day of release through PreApps' signature "Notify Me" functionality. Interested users will be sent a text message with a link to the app store the moment your app goes live.

Get Feedback

Generate critical user feedback on your app to improve design, Functionality, pricing, quality, and more. Use the Comments & Suggestions and Polls & Surveys feature to get the answers you need to fine-tune your app before launch.

Beta Testing

Need beta testers? We gottem! PreApps will connect you with interested beta testers. Discover bugs, crashes, confusing app flows and typographical errors BEFORE release!

Continuous Exposure

Generate continuous exposure after your app has successfully launched improving your SEO and ASO rankings.

PreApps Performance

  • 56,000,000 Client Downloads
  • 1,850 Apps Promoted
  • 65,300 App Votes
  • 101 Serving Countries

Success Stories

  • PreApps played its role in our successful launch reaching over 250,000 downloads day of launch. It’s a great value service and the people are amazingly helpful.- Overkill 2

  • The pre-launch buzz generated by featuring our app on their site successfully augmented our user acquisition and PR efforts to help generate 183,000 downloads day of launch and over 600k as of July 2nd.- Chuck the Muck

  • We chose PreApps to be the first public revealing platform for our racing game Survival Race which helped in garnering more then 320,000 downloads since May 2013. PreApps audience is full of positive attitude and constructive comments.- Survival Race: Life or Power Plants

  • PreApps helped us get what we wanted – a new fresh audience who wanted to test our game. PreApps provided a unique channel for us to get additional exposure to reach out to new gamers cost effectively! We were very happy about the result and we look forward to working with PreApps again soon!- Mr. Runner 2: The Masks

  • PreApps was a great tool in helping to initially get our brand name and app to the general public. It helped springboard our Beta to be a success.- Social Point Me

  • Recommend our service
  • Saw increase in
  • On Improved
    App Quality


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