Build Your Mob And Take Em Down

October 22nd, 2014  |  By Christine O'Connor

Capitol City has been divided into four distinct territories, each of which is run by a different mob family. You have to choose a side with which to align and build a crew to help you start your life of crime. Mario Italiano Four Families is an epic new iPhone app where you pledge your allegiance to one of these mob families and fight in their struggle to take over Capitol City.


Upgrade your team’s stats and arm them with an arsenal of weapons and armor. Grab one of the many fully upgradable vehicles and you’re ready to take the city by storm. Your goal is to battle your way through the underworld to take over property and earn your keep.


With fantastic graphics and fast-paced gameplay, this is not an easy task to achieve and your competition is fierce. It will serve you well to form connections as you play. Join forces with up to 60 players to form a Mob of your own and take on others in daily battles to earn your loot and bragging rights.



Your characters and cars are fully customizable, giving you ultimate control over your gaming experience. The most interesting feature this game offers is the series of 144 Boss Battles, through which you claim your territory.

Mario Italiano is brought to you by Booya Squad, an Indie team founded by two Comic Book artists with a passion for Video Games. This small team is focused on pumping fun into a genre through innovative gameplay and a unique art style. Visit their website and beta test the app on PreApps.

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