Baseball Kings, The Dynamic 3D Pitching Game

November 13th, 2014  |  By Sean Casto

Become King of the Closers in Baseball Kings, the pitching simulator by Appnori where you can lead your team to the championships. Start as a rookie and work your way up the ladder to a major leaguer as your skills improve and you rack up gameplay time. Play in the regular season, division, championship series, and the World Series.


Keep your team in top shape so they give it their all and beat out the competition. Help the players raise their batting averages and increase your own pitching speed to increase your chances of winning. Baseball Kings also keeps track of your stats so you don’t have to! Just tap to view your saves, ERA, and individual player numbers.


To pitch, just place your finger on the ball and flick it forward. For a particularly impressive throw, use the fireball power-up. Be careful not to throw a wild pitch or you may end up giving away a run! Short gameplay sessions make Baseball Kings that much more addicting. The game hooks you in with its realistic simulations of strikeouts, double plays, bunts, and other aspects of the game.


Baseball Kings is available on Google Play for any device running Android 2.3 or later and iTunes for and iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch running iOS 4.0 or later. Follow Appnori on Facebook and Twitter and check PreApps for more awesome simulator games.

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