Play a Retro Game that has a Modern Touch with ZapIt

June 26th, 2014  |  By Katherine Kenney

Angry George and Bunny Slippers Amy are out to zap the invading mosquitos. Players must act as exterminators and help them swat those irritating bugs out of existence!

ZapIt certainly has the ability to keep players amused and entertained.  There are plenty of power-ups including mosquito bombs and bigger bug rackets.  Premium upgrades include the ability to move across the house and zap more bugs. Progressing through, players earn larger and more lethal weapons as their kill count increases.

Unlike most apps, ZapIt gives out “tricks of the trade” on Tuesday’s Tips, a weekly forum with fellow gamers on best mosquito zappin’ strategies.  

ZapIt is a retro game with a modern touch. The new app game is made for all ages, it’s fun, fast and addicting.

The characters and background are fantastic and it is as realistic as it possibly could be.

Today ZapIt currently has six levels but the developers plan to go to 12 soon with even more bonuses and characters in the next version. ZapIt is sure to progress as development goes on.

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