Update for iTunes Connect Sales and Trends

February 26th, 2014  |  By Briana Gomes

The Apple iTunes Connect Sales and Trends tool interface recently made huge updates. The new interface introduces several tabs that provide sales information for specific territory, platform, category, content type and transaction type.


These updates will provide app developers with deeper and richer information about app sales. Before this update, app developers had to use third party tools to work around iTunes Connect limitations.


App developers have to have a clear picture of how sales split between countries in order decide if they should release their new apps in the US only or worldwide. This a key part of their marketing strategy made easier with the recent updates. The updates also allow developers to see which iOS device their apps are getting the most traction on and they can even select a specific period of time to analyze app sales.


All information was obtained from the ComboApp blog; you can read more from them here.


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