New iPhone App Has Fun With Photos

January 17th, 2014  |  By Briana Gomes

Before you clear out your camera roll or delete the random photos you have saved in your phone, find out how they might come in handy… Put the hundreds of photos stored in your phone to use with one of the hottest new game apps! Photos to Photos is a fun, social game of photo comparisons. All players are given a prompt (anything from “scary” to “hilarious”) and must submit their best photo. The judge picks the best photo and that player wins the round!


Put your photos to use instead of leaving them untouched and taking up valuable memory. Of all the new apps out there, this one gives the most purpose to your photos. Now you have a reason to keep any photo you take; it may just be the perfect picture for your next Photos to Photos prompt! 


Become a beta tester or get notified when this app gets released here:

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