iOS Developers Required to Agree to Advertising Identifier

April 11th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

A new language update to iTunes Connect now details new regulations for the Advertising Identifier (IDFA) for developers. If they are not compliant with these changes Apple can now reject any new iPhone apps that does not follow suit.


Apple has made the switch to IDFA as the preferred ad tracking option for iOS apps. It is now the only official method, as the new contract states. The contract also offers three use cases that developers must also check if in place; to serve advertisements within the app, attribute app installation to a previously served advertisement, and attribute an action taken within an app to a previously served advertisement.


Developers must check a box to confirm their application uses and honors the end users “limit ad tracking” setting in OS to avoid having their app taken off the market.


 These changes are ultimately being made out of respecting user privacy on mobile, similarly to the web and because of increased government scrutiny on how iOS developers were storing and using consumer data from advertisements.


 Developers should be aware of these changes to iTunes Connect, as this can impact app development. There is now the fear that Apple can reject or pull an application from the app store for not following these new guidelines, so this should be taken seriously. To read more about changes made to IDFA visit and continue to check PreApps for the latest in mobile news!

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