Why App Updates are Key for Developers

February 6th, 2014  |  By Allison Saffiotti

Developers who have previously released apps are familiar with the fact that once a new app has been released that does not necessarily mean it can be overlooked and is complete. In order to keep users engaged and the app trending updates need to be done.


Fixing bugs and adding few features are always priority, however, making major changes to your app is necessary to hold the interest of current users as well as to reach out to new ones.


App store optimization is most important for developers, particularly the “What’s New” page.  Developers should always use the first few lines of this section to make the point that changes are always being made to their apps. They should highlight the major updates through using clear examples. Avoiding technical terms is advised as users typically do not understand this.  




Before submitting this to apple, try using promo codes as a way to engage users. By making your update an event more users will become interested. App press release creation is key to getting users involved through social media and other popular forums.

When updating an app it is important to know the more buzz the better. This is a proven strategy to build user base and to promote yourself as a developer and the work which you have created.


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