Temple Rush: Match Those Marbles!

April 24th, 2015  |  By Marilyn Shi

 Temple Rush, not to be confused with Temple  Run, is a fast-paced marble matching game for all ages. With colorful graphics and wacky levels, the game asks the player to match similar marbles in specific orientations—squares, lines, or diagonals. Boosters, crystals, and power-ups can be matched with different marbles to amass optimal points for each player. Whoever can clear the most lines, wins. Single player gameplay is available too, for people who would rather play on their own.


The graphics are really what solidify this app as a great one. They’re incredibly crisp, and shiny too. Every marble has a gleam. When they disappear, they leave behind wispy white circles that make the game seem even more magical. Each of the 64 custom-built levels is expertly crafted to be fun, and to look beautiful, too.



Besides the awesome graphics and the conga drum sound effects, the competitive spirit of this new game app is part of what makes it unique. One-on-one battles have been a popular facet of top-ranking apps—think Words with Friends, Trivia Crack, and Draw Something. iOS’s GameCenter is the host of Temple Rush’s real time battles and leaderboards, where anyone can compete against their friends to see who can match the most colors.


Currently, Temple Rush is looking for players to beta-test using the new Apple Test Flight system. Want to see what the big deal is? Comment and opt to beta test, here

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