LikeBlockr, The Anti-Instagram

January 30th, 2015  |  By Marilyn Shi

The next generation’s anti-social networking app is here. As “the world’s first like blocking app for Instagram and a first for social networking,” LikeBlockr challenges the notion of Instagram likes as a currency for self-worth. It hides likes and followers so you can’t compare yourself to others if you tried. 


This new app is intelligent and unique. Not only is it in-tune with how people feel about Instagram, but it attempts to resolve the crisis of anxiety over social media likes. Instead of using likes to gauge how “good” a picture is, or how “popular” someone is, you are free to just look at the picture—free of any preconceived judgments or notions based on an arbitrary number of likes. 





Personally, I would want to see this kind of technology spread throughout other social media platforms, namely Facebook. For LikeBlockr, Instagram is great, but Instagram alone won’t cut it. The app would have a greater reach if it expanded to the Facebook community, which is rife with the teenagers aching for validation and social acceptance. 


LikeBlockr is now live in the iOS App Store. Want more information? Check it out here

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