Is Tilt The Gaps The New Flappy Bird?

April 21st, 2015  |  By Oliver Allen

Tilt the Gaps is a fun new game app now available on Google Play for Free. The idea of the game is to take the ball and make sure it goes through the gaps of the same color. This simple yet addicting game is fun for all ages. To start, the game you must hold your device flat then the game begins. To get the ball to move you must tilt the ball to get it to go through the gaps.


If you get the ball to touch the walls then you lose. This unique game is colorful and simple enough for even young kids to play. Tilt the Gaps is extremely fun to play and gets harder as the game progresses. As you gain a higher score, the rectangles gets more sensitive and more challenging. Although it may be addictive, it has some game flaws that may make it hard to compare completely with Flappy Bird or Jetpack Man.



Challenge yourself and play the next big game Tilt the Gaps on Google Play!


Tilt the Gaps is available in the Google Play Store for free here

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