Shadow Puppet: A Better Way to Save Memories

September 19th, 2013  |  By Elizabeth O'Dowd



As much as scrolling through our Facebook news feed to see what our acquaintances are up to is thrilling, there’s only so many messy baby pictures, and vacation landscapes we can take. Yes, babies are cute, and yes, Aruba was beautiful, but one picture will do. That’s where Shadow Puppet comes in.

Shadow Puppet allows us to create slideshows with audio so you can explain your pictures to your friends without having them all posted on Facebook, or having 20 people crowded around your tiny smartphone. Your close friends and family will be able to see all those pictures and hear the great stories behind them in the comfort of their own homes. Shadow Puppet is also a great way to share pictures of your little one in a more private forum than Facebook.

When you create your slideshow, you can also zoom in and point things out in the background that were significant, or just amusing. Download Shadow Puppet free for your iPhone today!

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