Google's Surprising Increase in the NASDAQ Stock

October 18th, 2013  |  By Emily Goldspink

If you have been investing in Google, then you’re in luck! Wall Street’s expectations for Google Inc. were finally defeated today after a quarterly report was released, showing a thirteen percent increase in the company's stock price. Google has reached $1,000 (1001.31 on the NASDAQ Stock) for the first time in history! This increase in Google’s stock performance came as a surprise to investors – who are very impressed by the company – as advertisers are paying less for individual searches than they ever have before.





Google currently owns 31 percent of the global online advertising business. Now, since Google’s stock has increased, Wall Street’s expectations for the company have as well. By the end of 2013, Google is expected to acquire 33 percent of the global online advertising business. Google is now the third most valuable company in the market, following Apple and ExxonMobil. 

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