Summer Slots Casino: A New App for iOS Devices

October 7th, 2013  |  By Emily Goldspink

On November 15, Summer Slots Casino (check the recommended apps at the bottom of the page for other apps you may enjoy) will be available on iOS devices. This free, new entertainment app offers you unlimited spins and credits. You get a free spin for every 30 spins you complete, and instead of purchasing extra credits, you will only have to wait three hours to receive more! It seems like the key word for Summer Slots Casino is “free!”

Along with the great music and sound effects, Summer Slots Casino offers vibrant graphics and a beachy scenery. So if you’re playing in a winter wonderland under a warm blanket, you can relax, enjoy the game, and let it bring you back to your fun, summer memories while you watch your credits quickly skyrocket.

Stay tuned for more information about this app and check out more new game apps at PreApps.

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