Microsoft Duel-Booting Plan with HTC's Android in the Works

October 4th, 2013  |  By Emily Goldspink


Recently, HTC has been contemplating combining Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone into a dual-boot handset. If engineering costs don’t exceed HTC’s budget, then it is possible that the Windows Phone operating system may be able to be loaded onto Android phones as an additional OS software. Terry Myerson, the head of the software giant’s operating system unit is in favor of the plan and he is hoping that the reduction or even removal of licensing fees will motivate HTC to put the plan into action, which will create even more accessibility of two different software experiences to Android users.


Microsoft supposedly suggested the dual-booting plan because HTC is rumored to cease the release of any more standalone Windows Phone handsets. However, Google may stand as an obstacle by obstructing the certification of Android phones, as the duel-boot system will probably only be beneficial to the Microsoft company.


Whether or not it will be intelligent to market this kind of handset is being contemplated. Microsoft is looking to raise its 3.7 share of the Windows Phone in the smartphone market as they have already agreed to purchase partner, Nokia’s division in the market. If the duel-booting plan is approved by HTC, it will lead to a major turning point in the smartphone market.

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  • Rasheduzzaman on Oct. 06, 2013

    The best idea I ve ever heard

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