iTunes User and "Breaking Bad" Fan Files Lawsuit Against Apple

September 9th, 2013  |  By Emily Goldspink

An iTunes store user, and a fan of the popular TV series, “Breaking Bad,” is aiming to file a class-action lawsuit against Apple due to its release of Season Five of “Breaking Bad” on iTunes. Apple is mimicking network AMC’s choice to separate the fifth and final season into two parts. However, as AMC is labeling both parts as “Season Five” of “Breaking Bad” Apple is taking advantage of the opportunity by selling the fifth and final season as if it were two separate seasons – the extended package being called “The Final Season,” requiring an extra Season Pass to access the final episodes of the television series.


Noam Lazebnik, the indignant iTunes consumer from Ohio filed the lawsuit on Friday in San Jose, California protesting that Apple partook in false advertising of the television series, and is requesting full refunds to all iTunes consumers who had purchased “The Final Season” of “Breaking Bad” on iTunes.  

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