Fuzzytopia - A Refreshing Match 3 Experience

March 31st, 2015  |  By Adelush Șandru

 Match-three games have always been very

 popular, as that are games that challenge

 both your reflexes and your tactics.

 Fuzzytopia is a new entertainment app

 designed around the same concept, but

 with a lot more intricate elements than the

 games that have come out so far. This

 unique new app has a ton of in game

 excitement to keep you on the edge of

 your seat.

The developers have paid great attention to detail and have come up with a fun gameplay design. What makes the design so special? First off, the graphics are beautiful and 100% handmade using watercolor paint. Second, Fuzzytopia takes the match-three concept to the next level by including up to 70 puzzles ready for you to solve. The more challenges you overcome, the more super powers you can unlock. By unlocking superpowers, users can gain both rewards and achievements. And third, what’s more fun than being able to beat your friends in a fun new game? You can shoot colorful bubbles with your friends and climb the leaderboards for the best score.


Fuzzytopia is expected to be released on April 18th and will be available for free. How good are your shooting skills? Let us know!

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