Go On A Sci-Fi Treasure Hunt Adventure With nstaCharge

January 29th, 2015  |  By Adelush Șandru

 Ikaria Animation Studios brings users the

 new robot-themed game app nstaCharge!

 The main character is a cute looking robot

 named Rusty who needs to prove his friend

 Lola that he has great driving skills. The

 user will direct Rusty and his star-cycle

 vehicle towards specific ‘treasure’ items

 such as bolts and batteries that help the

 user gain energy and move to the next  level.


This new game app has great graphics and a very colorful design. Moreover, it is a very user-friendly app that starts with the user collecting as many tools and batteries as possible to keep Rusty’s energy level up. This will then help the user with the Wheelie feature, which only requires a double tap to keep Rusty safe from crashing. The unique gameplay is tricky, as obstacles will make the user’s treasure hunting more challenging. Additional features include clever cubes that can unexpectedly move, therefore testing the user’s reaction speed. The game is fun and exciting, resembling the addictiveness of both Flappy Bird or Jet Pack Man.


NstaCharge is now available for free on iTunes. Have fun, dodge the obstacles and wheelie on with this new app, and also do not forget to give us your thoughts on it.

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